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Headquartered in Kuwait City, National Electronic Service Management Company (NESM) utilizes proven technologies to creatively deliver practical business solutions. Here at NESM, you will find solutions such as telephony services, ERP solutions, IT maintenance and website and web-based services. Serving the region, NESM has now become a leading provider of hardware, software, expert technical teams and customer care.

Why NESM ?

You will be working with a service provider that understands the economics to generate a higher return on your investment in technology. You deserve to work with an objective-centric partner that can recommend, install, implement and maintain business solutions. Furthermore, proven technology can help improve your customers’ satisfaction and profitability.

IP Telephony

Get connected and be better prepared for business challenges with NESM’s telephony services. Regardless of your company size, OrcaWave provides a state of the art IP Telephony appliance designed to improve connectivity, efficiency and mobility.

ERP Solutions

Reduce the cost of double work with an efficient ERP solution. With NESM’s experience and partnership with Odoo, you will get an open source ERP platform with business applications covering multiple departments from sales and HR to manufacturing and warehouse management.

Websites & Web Services

Get your website up and running. Website development and hosting solutions provided by NESM, can allow you to easily manage your website content. Your website’s presentation in all devices and formats are unified with responsive design.

Our Partners

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